Types of People That Want Film Weddings

Central PA Film Wedding PhotographerHaving wedding photos shot in film definitely isn’t for everyone. But there are a few people that totally get it. Those people are outside of the box. They value moments and memories. They realize that those moments aren’t cheap. They deserve patience and skill to capture. Because each shot literally costs money we can’t afford to shoot a million and winnow the chaff. We need to get it right.

Film people value the tangible and the visceral in a binary world. They know that we can hold the negatives in our hands. That we have to load and unload the film. That the negatives are washed in the chemicals to develop them. They remember that there is an art to development and printing.

They want to slow down in a hectic world. They want to go at a little bit of a slower pace. Some film cameras give a satisfying click and need to be manually wound.

Central PA Film Wedding Photographer-14They appreciate art. They recognize that each picture is a stand-alone piece of art. It isn’t like the other three thousand pictures. Each film has its own characteristics.

People that want film weddings are willing to take a chance. Because we can’t look at the back of the camera and readjust then we have to get it right. They know that the pictures are whimsical.

Does the idea of a film wedding excite you? Head over to the film wedding photo page to learn more.

If not, in that case, we shoot digital.


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