Sarah and Zach – Wedding Photography at Historic Round Barn – Biglerville

September 10, 2016 Uncategorized 0 Comments

Sarah and Zach had a splendid wedding at the [historic] Round Barn in Biglerville, Adams county. We really enjoyed being your…

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Wedding Photo Ideas

December 9, 2015 Tips for couples 0 Comments

Not everyone likes having their photos taken, but weddings are one of the rare occasions where you will have thousands of…

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What to Expect with Film Wedding Photos

Is your interest piqued about a film wedding? I think film is pretty cool. It’s unique and appeals to the artist…

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Types of People That Want Film Weddings

Having wedding photos shot in film definitely isn’t for everyone. But there are a few people that totally get it. Those…

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Dee and Brock – Marietta Community House Wedding

September 5, 2015 Film Wedding Pictures 0 Comments

Dee and Brock were the first film wedding we ever shot. I shot the entire wedding on film. It was pretty…

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