A Few Reasons for a Pre-Wedding Shoot

Many couples tell me that they booked me because the pre-wedding shoot (or engagement shoot, if you will) is included in my package. A few couples ask me why they should do a pre-wedding shoot at all. OK. It’s usually the grooms that ask me why they should do a pre-wedding shoot. Presented here is a list of a few good reasons to do an engagement shoot. Hey brides, consider this list as ammo to help convince your fiances that a pre-wedding shoot is not such a bad idea.

The Short List of Reasons for a Pre-Wedding Shootpre wedding session photo

Top quality pictures! Of course this is the obvious benefit. After all, it’s the real reason for an engagement session after all. It’s not every day you get photos taken of you with a few thousand dollar camera. You will have a few dozen high-quality pictures to use. You can put thepre-wedding photo on a bridgem on your invitations and save-the-dates. You can put them on facebook and Instagram. Print a few and put them in your grandmother’s house.

We can get used to working together. Your wedding day is pretty stressful. I will make it as easy as I can, but not everyone is used to having a giant camera in their face all day. Not everyone likes having a giant camera in their face all day. The pre-wedding session is the perfect rehearsal. I think it’s pretty helpful for us to figure out how to work together.

It’s fun. It can be pretty fun to get dressed up and take some pictures. We will meet up at somewhere fun (amusement park, winery, state forest). Plus, you can dote on each other while you get to be models for a day

So, there’s no reason not to do an engagement session, since pre-wedding shoots come standard in our wedding packages. If you’re not interested in a pre-wedding