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Ryan and Joy Kudasik

We are Joy and Ryan Kudasik. Check out our bios below to find out who we are.

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My name is Ryan Kudasik. I love photography. Good thing because I'm a wedding photographer.

Ryan KudasikI love wedding photography because I love people. What an honor to be such a big part of my couples' day. It is satisfying to look back and see all of the joy I have captured.

After years of looking through a lens you would think I'd be tired of it, but I still get excited when I capture the perfect image. I love learning new things and challenging myself. Every wedding is a chance to top myself.

When I'm not photographing weddings chances are I'm traipsing in the woods or growing some food.

Go ahead and contact me. We can talk about how I can take care of you on your wedding day.

Hi! My name is Joy. My favorite things are the odd things.  It is enjoyable to me to find the uniqueness in the people I meet and I try to convey this in my photos.  A few years ago I married the guy pictured above (Ryan Kudasik) and he helped me to turn my love of color, nature and art into fun photography.  After learning the ropes I began joining Ryan at weddings and soon found out why he loved his job:

Fruit and cheese trays.Central PA Wedding Photographer-1-2

I really enjoy shooting at weddings.  It is really fun to photograph all of the little details that make each day special and different.   Beyond still life, my favorite shots are the ones showing relationship between people and I have always tried to look out for these moments during the day.   It is a wonderful privilege to be a part of a couple's "tie the knot day" and I feel fantastic knowing that the photos I take will provide memories long after the day is over.  After weddings I started doing child photography and family portraits and was thinking of new photo ideas daily and in my dreams.  I learned so much and developed many skills but also developed a codependent relationship with my camera.

Ryan and I took 2013 off and moved to New York so I could study medicinal herbs with a wonderful herbalist, 7song.  I used the year to take a break from photography and instead focused on savoring every moment without capturing it.  Since picking up the camera again I feel that I have a better ability to correctly capture moments.  Rather than experiencing everything through the camera lens I can find those true moments that deserve to be remembered.

Other than photography, I like to collect weeds and eat them and teach others to do the same,  dance, sit in creeks, and paint big pictures on walls.  This sentence makes me sound like I am 4.

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