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What to Expect with Film Wedding Photos

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Film Wedding Pictures: A Story in Development

yashica cameraI've been shooting film wedding pictures lately, and I love it! But it's a new to me after shooting digital for years.

I got my first SLR in 2000. It was a film camera. I had no idea that photography was on the cusp of a revolution.

I was pretty good. People started asking me to do their senior pictures and my pictures were exposed and sharp. I usually kept my camera on the automatic settings and never ventured into the manual settings. I was afraid to experiment. Pushing the limits was sure to mean wasted money. The film cost money. Development cost money.

Then digital hit.

I grabbed onto it. Instantly I understood the value to learning the craft. I started testing the boundaries. What happened when I opened the aperture? What happened when I slowed the shutter? How dark can a room be before I need a flash? These were questions that I could answer for almost nothing now.

In late 2007 I shot my first wedding. Now after shooting wedding photos for seven seasons there weren't too many boundaries to push up against. Don't get me wrong. I love shooting digital wedding photos. I still try to be better every wedding. And I definitely still appreciate what digital did for me as an artist.

That said, I was ready for a challenge. Enter film.

animated-canonI picked up a 80's SLR for a steal at $55. I found a pack of 36 rolls of film someone was throwing away. Then I started walking around and shooting like crazy! I was surprised to learn that they had perfected many of the same settings on digital cameras back then (focus, metering, priority settings). I didn't have to compromise much. Soon I had an array of film cameras. Some from the 50's (no auto focus there!), some from the 80's and 90's. Some were a toy.

film wedding photo

film shot of bride

Shooting in film is so much fun. I know I'm doing it right when I'm anxious about how pictures will turn out. That means I'm learning and growing. It has reinvigorated my love of photography.

It is my goal to start taking film wedding pictures. I have already shot a few just to prove the concept. I still have some small kinks to work out, but overall I am very happy with the way they turned out (Kama & Julian, Dee & Brock). Film has such a dreamy look. The shots are inconsistent. Which I like. It makes each shot a piece of art unto itself.

Film wedding pictures aren't for everyone. But if something about the idea strikes you then check out our "What to Expect with a Film Wedding" post and get in contact with us. We can talk about how to capture your wedding onto some good old fashioned negatives.

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