Barter for Wedding Photography?

February 27, 2017 Business, Tips for couples 0 Comments
bar·ter ˈbärdər/ verb: barter; 3rd person present: barters; past tense: bartered; past participle: bartered; gerund or present participle: bartering 1. exchange (goods or services) for other goods or services without using money. "he often bartered a meal for drawings" synonyms: trade, swap, exchange, sell "they bartered grain for salt" noun: barter 1. the action or system of exchanging goods or services without using money. "it will be paid for by a mixture of barter and cash"

Yeah, we barter for wedding photography. We’re just cool like that.

This about trading value for value. We are proud of our work and we believe that we deserve to be paid appropriately for it. That said, there are many currencies in which one can pay: not just the dollar.

We know that many of you have skills. Those are a form of currency. We also know that many of you have goods you can trade. Those are also a form of currency. What do you have of value that you can trade for wedding photography? You could trade for part of the wedding or for the entire wedding.

We recently purchased a few acres. Our goal is to turn it into a small CSA/market garden. So mostly we are looking for anything that helps us around the property. We are also open to electronics. I’ll post some ideas below. This list is by no means comprehensive, but it should be enough for you to come up with some ideas of your own.


  • Landscaping (dig ponds, swales) preferably with a machine, but could be with shovels
  • help me finish converting front porch into sun room (framed just needs doors, windows, trim)
  • Some electric work (updating wires, run new wire to sun room)
  • Basic Plumbing
  • Babysitting. 🙂
  • Massage therapy
  • Haircuts
  • Marketing services
  • Can you think of anything else?


  • Almost any tool, especially:
    • table saw
    • band saw
    • router
  • Bobcat? Backhoe?
  • Decent new phone
  • Decent new TV
  • Decent new tablet
  • Camera gear?
  • Have something else to offer?

hands exchanging goods with each otherBartering is not for everyone, but if you have a skill or item[s] you want to trade, then we are open to it! Toss us your ideas and let’s see if we can make something happen.