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Finding your wedding photographer isn't easy. There are a million out there now. I feel for you. Well, that's why we make as easy as possible, mostly by kicking ass. I'm happy to say, you just found your wedding photographers! It goes without saying that we take stunning photographs of weddings. When you combine that with our experience, prices, and funness, we are simply the best value in Central Pennsylvania. Check out our website and contact us when you're ready to make some magic happen!

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35mm Film Add-On

yashica camerawedding picture captured on filmWe also shoot weddings on old-school film. I'm talking about 35mm and 120mm. We use cameras from the 1950s to the 1990s. It's a blast and makes for some gorgeous pictures. Not only do we shoot entire weddings on film but we also offer a film add-on. For $300 we shoot 3-5 rolls of film (125-175 shots). Want to know more about film weddings or add-ons

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Free Book for All Couples that Book Event Horizon Photography

total-money-makeover book coverWe believe that marriage is incredibly important for society. We know that money is the weakest link in many marriages. We want to help you start your life together on the strongest foundation possible. That is why we send a copy of Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey to every couple that books with us. This book is for you no matter whether you are a personal finance ninja or just getting your spending under control. Dave offers genuine wisdom disguised as simple advice to kill your debt and boost your savings. It may not be the sexiest gift to offer you, but quite possibly one of the most helpful.


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Flying Solo


  • Ryan firing away all day (no time limit!)
  • Engagement session w/25 digital files
  • Personalized post-editing
  • Online gallery (high-quality prints)
  • File downloads w/copyrights

Tag Team


  • Ryan and Joy firing away all day (no time limit!)
  • Engagement session w/25 digital files
  • Personalized post-editing
  • Online gallery (high-quality prints)
  • File downloads w/copyrights

Film Wedding Photos


  • Are you different than the crowd? Looking for unique wedding pictures? We will capture your wedding on film using an array of classic cameras. Want to learn more? Read the What to Expect With a Film Photos Wedding.
  • Ryan and Joy firing away all day (no time limit!)
  • Engagement session captured on film
  • 8 Polariod instant prints on your wedding day to take home
  • Online gallery (high-quality prints)
  • File downloads

Five Common Wedding Photography Mistakes for Couples to Avoid

I’ve been to a lot of weddings. Right now it’s around 150. I have seen it all really. I’ve been a part of weddings that were like a dream and the bride and groom were just floating along in it. I’ve been to some that were a nightmare. No matter how hard they tried things just kept going wrong. 

Often the photographer plays the role of the wedding planner. Look for a wedding photographer that knows when to hop in and direct to keep things going smoothly, but also know when to back off and let the day unfold. While the photographer can’t control everything they can definitely control the photography.

I want you to have the best wedding you can imagine! I’m talking about the wedding of your dreams! I’m going to give you five quick tips to make sure that the photography goes off without a hitch.

You could also call this one “Have Fun.” Sometimes things don’t go as you planned them. A good photographer will be able to roll with the punches. They will be able to work with rain or short schedule or whatever may come their way. A good photographer will see the challenges as opportunities to be creative.

This is a tricky one. You want to get great shots that you will treasure for your lifetime, but you don’t want your guests to hate you because they had to wait forever. Generally, for us we have noticed that the more time we have the better the photos are. The photographer you hire should be able to capture everything in just a few short minutes. Ideally though you will plan at least an hour for both group shots and portraits combined. An hour and a half is better.

This one goes without saying. Don’t let dollar signs get in your eyes. If you have a photographer that’s an asshole it could ruin your whole day. You have to spend the whole day with them. Do you really want that asshole telling you what to do?

The engagement shoot is great for a lot reasons. One reason is because it gives you a chance to get to used to your photographer doing what they do. You can get used to the giant camera in your face. On your wedding day the ice is broken. Plus, you'll have nice pictures of you that you can use for years.

It’s tempting because they have that nice camera. A wedding moves swift. Are they equipped to navigate the day? Do they have thousands of hours of photo editing experience? Do they have professional back up equipment, monitors with screen calibration, storage of hundreds of weddings including their first one over ten years ago? These are just a few of the important questions you should consider before you you don’t hire a professional.

I sat down to record a promo video and the outtakes were cracking me up so much I made them the promo. Despite what it seems, I really do take wedding photography seriously. 😛

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