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You just found your wedding photographers! It goes without saying that we take stunning photographs of weddings. When you combine that with our experience, prices, and funness, we are simply the best value in Central Pennsylvania. Check out our website and contact us when you're ready to make some magic happen!

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Do you want your pictures to be perfect? Of course you do! To help you, I created a short and sweet guide called "Five Common Wedding Photography Mistakes for Couples to Avoid."

I won't spam you, but I will send you some gorgeous pics for a few days. After that, I'll leave you alone.

Wedding Photography Prices

Check out the incredible value we offer you. Packages are customizable. We're open to bartering. Feel free to ask us anything. Check out more about pricing including albums and add-ons.

Digital Film Wedding Photos


  • Ryan and Joy firing away all day (no time limit!)
  • Engagement session w/25 digital files
  • Personalized post-editing
  • Online gallery (high-quality prints)
  • File downloads w/copyrights

Film Wedding Photos


  • Are you different than the crowd? Looking for unique wedding pictures? We will capture your wedding on film using an array of classic cameras. Each type of film has its own unique quality that instagram fails to replicate. We use our local lab to develop the negatives. After they are developed we scan them and give you the digital files just like a digital wedding. Want to learn more? Read the What to Expect With a Film Photos Wedding.
  • Ryan and Joy firing away all day (no time limit!)
  • Engagement session captured on film
  • 8 Polariod instant prints on your wedding day to take home
  • Online gallery (high-quality prints)
  • File downloads

You Can't Afford Us


  • Joy and I make dinner for rehearsal
  • Breakfast in Bed morning of ceremony
  • We'll wash the "just married" off of your car
  • Personal post-editing
  • Online Gallery
  • 25% off printing (except printing packages)
  • Help clean up after your wedding
  • One of us will come along on your honeymoon to carry your luggage
  • Ryan will hand whittle your likeness into cake toppers
  • Hand squeezed exotic grapefruit juice for the reception
  • Joy and I will sing your first dance song...live (we've practiced Wind Beneath My Wings by Bette Midler)
  • We will write your thank you cards

I sat down to record a promo video and the outtakes were cracking me up so much I made them the promo. Despite what it seems, I really do take wedding photography seriously. 😛

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